While a traditional wax wick candle can burn out in hours or days if cared for properly, Enjoy Lighting® flameless wax candles will last for years.
The LED globes will last at least 100,000 hours (or more than 10 years) and each set of batteries (Energizer recommended) provides more than 450 hours of ambient light.*

With just the minimal cost of replacing batteries, Enjoy Lighting® flameless wax candles offer almost an 80% saving on your annual candle spend (in year 1) and more than 95% (in year 2 and beyond) when compared to purchasing traditional wax wick candles.**

* Battery life varies depending on product and battery quality (Energizer batteries recommended).
** Based on annual purchase of 17 3"x 6" national brand traditional wax wick candles compared to 1 Enjoy® Lighting Platinum Collection 3.1" x 6" flameless wax candle operating on a 4 hour timer function every day for one year.