Traditional wick candles cause many house fires each year. Using Enjoy Lighting flameless wax candles, there is no fire risk if a candle is knocked over or placed too close to curtains or furniture. There is no exposed flame or heat therefore no risk of causing a fire, so they are safe to use all around the home. Say goodbye to melted wax on carpet or furniture and no more sooty build up on candleholders, black soot inside hurricane lamps, or on walls or ceilings.
Enjoy Lighting flameless wax candles are safe to use around children and pets. You can leave them unattended and have as many as you want on at any time. Use flameless wax candles in areas where wick candles can’t go – in a floral arrangement or centerpiece, near curtains or drapes, on shelving or book shelves, in children’s bedrooms, on boats, camping and caravans and more. Enjoy Lighting flameless wax candles provide the stylish look and romantic ambience of traditional candles with real wax, realistic flame-like flickering effect, and delicate fragrances.
Protect our environment and reduce the use of petroleum by switching to reusable flameless candles. Enjoy Lighting flameless wax candles are a more sustainable choice because they are not burnt down and replaced. The LED globes will last at least 100,000 hours (or more than 10 years) and each set of batteries can provide at least 300 hours of ambient life.*

*Battery life varies depending on product and battery quality, and is based on the use of recommended batteries (Energizer batteries recommended).