• Real paraffin wax
• Triple LED™ light source
• Dripped texture
• Natural beeswax colour
• Hand finished melted top edge
• Delicately infused with vanilla fragrance
• Astonishingly realistic flame-like flicker
• 300 hour battery life, 10 year LED life
• Set it & Forget it!™ 4 hour timer mode
• 3.1“ Signature Series pillars use 2 AA batteries
  (Energizer recommended) not included
• 4.0“ Signature Series pillars use 4 AA batteries
  (Energizer recommended) not included
• Packaged in a clear acetate cylinder
  with a "smell-through" lid

Signature Series Pillars operate manually or can be used in auto timer mode. At the base of the candle, slide switch from "On" to "Timer" at the time of day you would like the candle to light up. The Triple LED™ globes will blink, verifying the timer mode has been set. The candle will start and then switch off after four (4) hours. The candle will switch on every day thereafter at the same time. To reset the candle, slide switch to "Off" and wait for about ten (10) seconds. If you prefer to use the manual setting you can switch the candle on and off at any time.

                                                                                   AVAILABLE SIZES & FRAGRANCES: